Thursday, January 14, 2016

In a year

Onyx is still a wonderful dog.

She is now 68 lbs, muscular and still destroys stuff but I want to get away from the old nick name.  She still does not like some of the men in the neighborhood but has a few doggie boyfriends. 

Her new nick names are 3PO (pretty, pretty princess Onyx) and Agent Rip Snort.  The later for when she is in a playful mood.  Her imperial code name.

She still pulls and jumps but obedience lessons were good and she did two classes.  Was in private training for a while also.   I wish we could find a daycare for her and a place for her to run.  She loves the snow and is uber crazy in it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wait and she will destroy

I guess good things do come to those who wait ........... a while.

We have a new dog.  She is a 11 month old black lab mix.  We got her from a rescue group and she is a doll - Onyx.

She has one ear up and the other down.  Brown eyes.  Around 55 lbs and very strong.  She starts obedience classes next week so we can help with the jumping and leash pulling.

She does have a tendency to destroy plush toys and other stuffed things.  The count so far has a slipper, a few stuffed animals, a treat ball and a pillow included.  That is why we call her Onyx the Destroyer. 

But other than that issue (that may get better after the puppy stage) she is a welcome addition to the family.

Unlike Rey she loves kids, other dogs and people.  She does shy away from men a little until she knows them.  The cat has been another story though.  Her foster home had cats so we have hope but Mushu is not having any of the new dog.  It is understandable - she is 10+ years in age and set in her ways.  A big puppy is not it for her.

Since she is bigger than Rey was none of the previous dog stuff would work for her.  Gifts to her are welcomed.  The vet people had to laugh at us at her first appointment because of the size change in dogs but :-P

I just could not do another Chi or a small dog.  That space in my heart has been filled.  I think that is why a girl works best also.  My poor hubby is now surrounded by females.  And gives in to the dog as much as he does the cat.  They both love him and would fight to be in his lap if they could be in the same room together.  Poor man.  :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things change and it sucks

Why do things change?

I just wasted $0.85 on a 1.75 oz bag of Gardetto's in the work vending machine and come to find out one of my favorite things is missing.
I love the rye chips but I also loved the sesame sticks and they are gone.  Another bready/yucky stick is in its place - that makes two of those horrible things.
So in this bag I have eaten maybe 6 rye chips and two pretzels - not my fave.  What a waste of $ and now I have all these sticks I will not eat and dry pretzels.
I looked this up on the web and apparently this had changed in 2013.  I have to admit I don't eat Gardetto's that often .......... and maybe the vending machine guy does not buy new ones that often.
How can it say Original Recipe when something was replaced.  Maybe they are talking about the seasoning. 

I have already talked about the change to Whatchamacallit.  My sister found that the original from our childhood had peanut butter and crisped rice bar covered in milk chocolate.  The "new"/current Whatchamacallit has caramel and changed the chocolate - it ruined it for me.  Yuck!!

I don't think Cheerios is the same.  I bought a huge box because they were the best in my childhood and not so much now.  I'm sure something was taken out or changed to reduce how much it cost to make or to be "better" for us.  :-P

It does not just happen to stuff from my childhood.  I will find something that my husband and I love to eat and make it a part of a weekly meal plan ............ and then it changes.  "New and Improved" is not always true.  Most of the time it means some busybody with too much time on their hands bitched about some ingredient (or GMOs) and the company caved.  I think they lose as much if not more business from people that do not like the change than the ones that were demanding the change.

Oh well.  That is what we have come to - things need to be made cheap equals change, need to have no GMOs or high fructose corn syrup equals change and then we stop eating anything that could hurt anyone or anything.  But then I guess Soylent Green won't happen .............. or maybe ....... :-I

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Second in line

Who knew you could "hold" a dog for adoption?

We tried again to adopt a dog on the second of the month.  We had gone the day before to the rescue and played with him and could have gotten him then but our IDs did not have our current address.  And we did not have proof of address on us - utility bill, etc.
So the next day we went to the DMV to update our IDs.  Then went to the rescue to get the dog and he was "on hold" for other adopters that came in after us the night before - we were second in line to adopt him if the other people did not pick him up by close.  What the hell!?!

If we knew the night before that they would hold the dog for us to get proof of address we would have done that and would have a wonderful dog by now.

It was horrible - he was still there in his cage and seemed to remember us but we could not take him home.  The other family did pick him up and I hope he is happy and being treated well.  I know that the rescue would not give me any info about the other adopter but I hope they are good to him and he has as good as if not better life than he would have had with us.

Needless to say we were heartbroken again and it still hurts a week later. 

He was a lab/PB mix, black, 6 months and very gentle.  He had smart eyes, loved all over you and sat in your lap.  We had already started talking about names and were planning to take him to PetCo after to get things for him.  (Since our previous dog was small and stuff would not work for him.)  And of course going to the grandparents for the 4th.

I ended up going to work after the failed adoption because I did not want to sit at home and cry.  My husband went home and had a drink. 

I want a dog so bad but these two "fails" have hurt so much ..... I'm almost afraid to try again.

I told my friends and family that were going to take a break from looking but they keep on showing me adoptables ............ and small dogs.  I want a large dog.  Most small dogs remind me too much of ReyRey and I just cant do that.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

No Fence

So we tried to adopt a dog this week - did not work out.

Not because of me but the rescue group.  They have a rule that "most dogs require a fence".  We took a chance on adopting a medium size husky mix and were denied due to not having a fence.  We knew this may happen so I was not a surprise but it still hurt.

I had started to open my heart to the idea of another dog and he was great - gentle, loving and curious .... and good with other dogs.  I had seen him on the groups Facebook page, went to meet him at an event they had this past weekend and asked for a meeting at a park for my husband to see him .... yesterday.  Put in the application last night and was refused this morning.  I'm sure because we said no to having a fenced in yard.  Not fair or right.

I happen to think that being a good pet parent has nothing to do with having a fence.  I actually see a lot of dogs left in a fenced in yard for hours with no supervision and distressed.  During that time is when the neighborhood kids can mess with and hurt the dog or god forbid someone take the dog.
I would never leave a dog alone outside. 

I know the other reason for having a fence is for the dog to have running space - but parks and grandpa's country house would be that place.

But that rescue dog and the restrictive rescue group will never know the good life he would have had with us.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting better

In 5 days it will be 2 months since my 11 year old Chi passed away.

The loneliness and pain is getting better.  Not a constant thing anymore but it does hit me at odd times - like when I'm driving.  Other times are triggered - when I see dog snacks or toys while shopping, when I think I smell him on a blanket or pillow and when I walk into the bedroom expecting to see him come out from underneath the bed smiling.

We have decided to put the felt bag with his ashes in his favorite treat jar with Aflac #1, his collar and the Beware of Killer Chihuahua sticker.  I still have to get pictures up but have the frames ready.

This is the first pet death that I have had to actually be a part of and survive.  My first and only previous dog got pregnant and "went back to the farm" we got her from - I would like to assume she lived a happy life there.  Cats have either run away or were given to family or friends.

Some of the bad/odd/not right things that were said to me while I was in the fresh stages of grieving:

You know I don't care about pets as much as you do.
You are only upset because you don't have kids - before I had kids I cared about my cats.  Now I cant wait for them to die.
That's nice.
Sound to indicate I don't care.
What is wrong with her? (and the person knew what happened)
Hey look at this dog at the shelter.

Now all I get when I say how much I miss him is "I know".  There is not much anyone can do or say that will help but I just don't understand why some cant get that it will take time and you don't just get over it. 

I'm also afraid that another dog will never love me as much as Rey did.  (He was actually my roommates dog but hung with me and liked me better so when she moved out I got to keep him.)  I LOVE dogs - I will talk and wave to them from the car, like way too many shelters and dog groups on FB and cry like crazy when I read or hear stories about dogs.  What if I never find one that likes me?

All I know is I'm not ready right now.  I can visit and look at dogs but not get one yet.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


If you have a dog that really loves you - I mean follows you everywhere ... even to the bathroom - don't take it for granted.  Because once he is gone you will be very alone.